Hi! And welcome to my nomadic free world full of art, food, travelling, photography, passion and lots of laughter!

#goodvibesonly right? ;D

So I´m gonna tell you my story for a starter. Huh, „starter“ and I´m suddenly thinking about „Beetroot ravioli with cashew sauce“ ;D. Focus girl! So, shortly after I became vegan, while still studying advertising photography, I soon discovered a beautiful environment and community of creative people dedicated to change the World for the better. (First hint of hippieshness, it will get worse :D). It became very clear, like water filtered with reverse osmosis, that this path would be much more fulfilling & peaceful to me than an advertisement with all that stress and what seemed like neverending hours behind the computer.

So I decided! … first to change my life focus and weight of my life.. second to pack my bags minimalisticly, to let go and to go.

I soon discovered my abilities and what I wanna do. My path is filled with helping others throughout the healthy but delicious foods. Teaching them, coaching them, helping them to discover the best in them. Or simply make them laugh, feel better and hopefully spark something in them.

I am now in a stage of learning and it feels amazing. I´m working in retreat centres as a raw food chef and I practise slow travelling. I have found 2 great spots. One in Germany, in Naturkost-Hotel Harz where I am discovering the power of detox, fasting, wild herbs, juicing, healing and simple vs gourmet raw food. All combined to help the body to recover and repair itself. Second place is on Malta, Gozo, in Amchara retreat&detox centre where I´m learning about wholesome work of a retreat centre. How nutritionists, therapists, colonic therapists, yoga teachers, sound healing teachers, massage therapists and chefs are working all together to heal each person individually with his special needs.

My aim for the future though is to be completely free. I´m gonna let you look into my hippie head full of dreams and we can dream together.

I wanna definitely try van life for a while, to travel throughout the Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, to surf, meeting new people, making money throughout the busking, longboarding, falling in love with pastel colour sunsets on beaches, …

One day I wanna own a big art studio in an old factory, with windows from the ground to the ceiling. I would convert that place into the urban jungle with hipsterish bistro inside with me as a manager. We would be offering healthy but gourmet foods&treats. My joy would be tempting people with spicy-sour ginger super shots which I would be made a game from that whoever would drink it without making a face, he would get it for free ;D. I think I could top it up with „The wall of Face“ where I would be putting the pictures of people..making the face after the shots. Oh, what a fun! ;D

Then I have this levelled up vanlife dream in my head. Having a food truck with my vegan chef friends. We would circle the beaches wherever we wanted and we would make our top vegan dishes. We would be free and happy. I would take my guitar, paints, surf and longboard and that would be all I needed.

And then I would go and retire in some crazy spiritual community of modern hippies and we would just melt together into the universe ;D.

I don´t know yet how, when nor the order of my dreams. But it will happen and you are more than welcome to follow me on my journey!

Much love,

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