Price: 55€/1 hour

Hello beautifull being!

If you feel you would like to improve your health but you feel stuck. You know you may have a problem with overeating & food addiction but either you don’t wanna admit it to yourself or you don’t know what to do about it, just schedule a call with me and we can discuss it all in an open, heartwarming and safe talk .

I’ve been there, I struggled myself with eating disorders & crazy cravings but I beated it all and now I can say I’m in healthy place. It was a long journey but now I can help others with all the experience I’ve been through.

I think that accidentaly starting working back in Prague as a raw vegan chef sparked real interest and thirst for informations in me. And I haven’t stopped. I’ve worked in Germany in pure vegan hotel focusing mainly on rawfood&healing through fasting. I continued to Malta to work as a Head Chef in Health retreat where I observed all the struggles people may go through, I saw all the emotional challenges and obstackles that can arise.

Any addiction is emotional work. Food addiction is the same. The state of your mind is extremely important and if you are willing to heal, you need to focus on your emotions. Because in the end, food is just a tool, beautifull and nourishing tool. But for some it can be a trap.

Get in touch with me if you are finally ready to move on!

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