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Basics of Raw/ Rawfood Cousine


This is definitely one of my most favourite raw vegan recipes. It is simple, fresh, crunchy, fun to prepare, colorfull and most of all….tastyyyy! Base is gonna be your julienned veggies but the sauce that comes with it is gonna level it up pretty much! When I´m teaching rawfood cooking classes I encourage people to be creative with flavours so you can also play around with this one. Use home made coconut milk instead of water, add different herbs, use different spices, all up to you. I am here just to spark thirst for healthy living food!



Idea behind activation=soaking (10-12 hours in filtered water) of nuts, seeds&grains is minimalization/elimination of it´s enzyme inhibitors, phytates  (phytic acid), polyphenols&goitrogens.

Enzyme inhibitor will clog, warp or denature an active site of an enzyme (enzyme is meant to help break down food/help every biological process the body does). Untreated phytic acid can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron&zinc in the intestinal tract&block their absorbtion which can lead to mineral deficiencies and bone loss.

By soaking nuts, seeds&grains you will rise absorbtion of proteins and minerals and you will overall help your body to digest all the nutrients of the nuts&seeds properly.


This doesn´t mean that if you will not gonna do this, you are gonna die ;D. Almost anybody knows about this except of health addicts and we all live, right. You can still enjoy tasty meal without thinking about soaking every nut&seed 12 hours before consumption. But if you are someone who is eating nuts, seeds&grains regularly or on daily basis, I would definitelly suggested to you to start with this “procedure”.




Pad Thai with activated Almond&Ginger Sauce

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By Not So Guilty Pleasures Serves: 2
Prep Time: 30 minutes


  • 2 carrots (julienne)
  • 1 sweet potato (julienne)
  • 2 courgettes (julienne)
  • 1 bell pepper (cut thinly)
  • 1 lemon (juiced)
  • 1 handull of coriander (options: parsley, basil, mint,..)
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp white sesame seeds
  • 2 tbsp black sesame seeds
  • 1/2 tsp pink salt
  • .
  • up to 4 portions
  • .
  • 1 cup activated almonds (soaked for 12 hours)
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp pink salt
  • 2 tbsp tamari (glutenfree soy sauce)
  • 3 tbsp fresh ginger juice or grinded thumb sized ginger
  • 1 cup water



1. For activation of almonds you should start to soaking them night or 12 hours before. Best option is to have a big jar of activated&dehydrated almonds ready for any occasion.


2. Prepare your veggies for Pad Thai. Wash courgettes&bell pepper and peel carrots &sweet potato. This Pad Thai looks amazing when all the veggies exept red bell pepper are peeled with "julienne peeler", if you don´t have it at home, just slice all your veggies really thinly or use basic peeler.


3. Put all your julienned veggies in a big bowl, add lemon juice, chopped handfull of herbs of your choice, sesame oil, white&black sesame seeds and pink salt. Mix everything together nicely and set aside.


4. For the sauce mix all ingredients together in blender untill smooth. You can use juice from ginger or simple whole peeled ginger root.



Thinking about going to Amsterdam and you are not sure about vegan food? Don´t worry, this city is pretty vegan friendly! It´s not vegan paradise like f.e. Berlin is, but there is still a lot to choose from!

What I have to recommend is .. plan beforehand.

  1. Look on google maps – type in “vegan restaurants Amesterdam” and just browse and get the idea,
  2. also look on HappyCow
  3. aaaaand on youtube for vegan Amsterdam vlogs.

This saved me A LOT of time and it was the first time when my looking for vegan food in a city I don´t know wasn´t finally chaotic and filled with emotional rollercoaster feelings when I was hungry ;D. So it´s a win win!

I´ve visited 4 restaurants in 5 days, plus 1 bonus one (but I just went in cause I saw they are looking for a rawfood chef/kitchen staff, so I had to obviously check it out ;D), which is for me a record amount of visited restaurants in such a short time cause when I travel, I am usually going for a grocery shopping like a normal person ;D. But this time I wanted to experience something new and also ..when you are a rawfood chef, it´s important to taste what you can in a foreign country. Sometimes you can get inspired and sometimes it can unfortunatelly boost your ego pretty much (I will tell you about this in a bit ;D).

So! Here we go! Places I´ve visited were: Vegabond, Vegan Junk food Bar, Meatless District, Zest for life Rawfood Café&Juice by Nature.



This cozy bistro/shop was the first place foodwise I visited after browsing around streets of the city centre. I read so many good reviews on it and it seemed like a every single vegan who has ever been to Amsterdam was in there! ;D So. Obvious food bucket list tick off.

Vegabond is conviniently located in a city centre near Ann Frank House. It is a small place and you will feel like sitting in your living room checking out what food others are enjoying and what yummies at shop they are buying ;D. But I count it as a plus cause even though I was travelling alone it definitelly didn´t feel like it ;D. You can also choose to sit outside and be checking out all of the beauty of this street while enjoying your delicious food.


I didn´t wanna loose control right away from the start so I went for healthy options at a beginning of my food journey ;D. Although when I was leaving this city in a few days after, I totally went for glutenfree brownies (the gooyest ones I´ve ever tasted!) aaaaand raw vegan snickers bar ;D. Ehm. So I ordered veggie juice and summer rolls with peanutt butter sauce. Oh my god. De-li-cious! Definitelly recommending the rolls ;). Although for juice time I would save it for Vegan Junk Food bar, paradox, isn´it? ;D


Vegabond – Summer rolls with peanutt butter sauce&Carrot juice


If you are into vegan&raw vegan snacks, you will be in heaven there, cause their shop is packed with them, plus with vegan cheeses (Brie, really?!), ice creams, chocolates, chips, just generally with a LOT of goodies. They have also coconut bowls so you can finally become instagram smoothie bowl pro ;D (I´m using mine as a deco in my room so I don´t know when this is gonna happen to me ;D). I have also found kefir mushrooms, so you can prepare your own probiotic water at home, how cool is that! You will also find a wide range of healthy oriented books&cookbooks, vegan accesorries and bit of a drogerie ;).

It is a bistro, so expect more like a “to-go” food and quick fixes (foccacia, rolls, overnight oats, sandwiches, cakes,..). It is a simple food, but delicious with a fair prices.




Original VJFB – Plant-based beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red & spring & fried onion mix, pickles, VJFB sauce


After Vegabond and walking through an another part of the city I´ve decided that I deserve a burger! ;D This place was recommended to me by my friend in Berlin, who works in one really nice&hipsterish café, as a vegan baker, as a “MUST VISIT AND TELL ME HOW IT WAS” thing ;D. So even though I have burgers like once in a year, I decided the time is now!

Vegan Junkfood Bar which I´ve been to (they have 3 restaurants already) is located little bit outside of the main touristic areas, but in a walkable distance. One thing. This place is BUSY! Like hell yeeeeah for veganism, but expect to wait a bit. For a seat and for a food ;D. This place feels little bit like fusion of fine hipsterish dining and fast food as people come and go quite fast. Interior is super nice, neon signs, sprayed walls, overall cool design and open kitchen in a middle, so you can see how is everybody sweating over the grill and friteza ;D. Ahahaha. But still pretty cool though!

There is a quite wide range of foods you can order. From nuggets, bitterballs, loaded fries, spring rolls, onion rings, tortillas, salads to double burgers. And if you are into unicorns, you can have this! ;D I am not into meat substitutes but I went for plant-based beef burger anyways, well.. you have to right! ;D It was quite nice but what I enjoyed like on gazilion percent were truffle fries with spicy-sweet majo. Oh my, oh my! I am still dreaming of them sometimes ;D. So, listen´ to me, you have to try them, for love of God, you have to! (No I´m kidding, I´m atheist, but they were really good! ;D). And their juices are top also!

4/5 (cause I´m “health addict” type of vegan, if I were a normal person it would have been like 1000/5 ;D)

So, let´s move on to my most favourite one, shall we!



Zest for Life – Raw vegan Tacos with Avocado salsa and Wallnutt meat


I had to skip in timeline cause I don´t wanna write about the dissapointment in the other restaurant right now, so I will with all my passion write about this amazingness! ;D

This place is little peacefull oazis. I ended up here so randomly when I saw it on the street from a tram and I said to myself: “Huh, raw vegan place? I have to come back!” So I did the other day after spending half of my day in Van Gogh Muzeum, which is located like 500 metres from it.




Everything in there was perfect. Personal incl. bar tender, chef&manager.

  • I got super tips for another places to visit in Amsterdam,
  • got little inside view on all that touristic-sold out soul city thing I was feeling,
  • got into a conversation about shrooms and other psychedelics and opening mind this way (was I really thinking I would had left the Amsterdam without this conversation? ;D)
  • and met an amazingly kind rawfood chef from Poland who leads kind of a similiar life as I do, which was really refreshing and it left me with a feeling like I´m not alone ;D.
  • Food was amazing, beautifully presented and taste was exactly how I like it.
  • Plus I had a view on little garden.
  • I was there also not in the peak so I had almost all restaurant space just for myself ;D.

If you are into rawfood, this place is a must go to. There are apparently not so many raw vegan restaurants, so you will end up there anyway ;D.




So! Here we go. Before I will tell you about food, let´s spill some positive vibes in here! The place itself is nice, spacious, trendy, with kind of a designish interior. Personal was super friendly&helpfull.

I didn´t want to go for burger, cause you know.. Vegan Junk Food Bar happened and that withdrawed my burger bank acc ;D. So I went for the healthy option, well the healthiest I saw. The noodles with veggies (it had fancier name :D) . What I have to say that the dish looked perfect, nicely presented and everything. But for that price (it was hiiiiiiigh read it with the chorus of the attached song ;D) I  would have expected at least some proper flavourings instead of dipping noodles just into a soy sauce. Just a tiny bit of nutbutter dip or whatever as a side and it would have made a HUGE difference.

I saw some youtube videos where were people super happy and satisfied with burgers. So I guess it was just a wrong picking of the dish for me. So I will probably give it another try next time.




I was there just for a few minutes as my travel hostel buddy that day convinced me to go in after he saw me hypnotized by paper sticked to the window saying “We are hiring kitchen staff”. (Well the thing is that I didn´t like the vibe of Amsterdam and I don´t wanna work in restaurants anymore, but I went in anyways ;D, who knows, maybe it´s gonna change one day). 

The place is nice, they have wide range of healthy options for you, cold pressed juices, raw veg cakes, salads, raw veg dishes. It´s in the city centre with all that touristic vibe, so prices are little bit higher I guess cause of that, so don´t get shocked ;D.



Oh yeah and this!!!! They have Vegan Ben&Jerry´s ice creams even in supermarkets! It was supposed to be my first time, so I went all in and for the moooost guilty pleasure flavour I could have – Cookies&Peanut butter. And it was divine! Ooooh yum yum, but maybe it´s for better that I live in such a tiny german village right now without any posibility of buying that again cause..I think I would be pretty much addicted to this ;D. Do you know That Sugar Film? Yeah, sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocain, so yeah. I love my tiny village with tiny supermarket with limited options right now ;D. Sometimes you are health addict not by a choice I guess ;D.



If you are into a raw veganism

  •  go for Zest for Life

If you are into a proper junkfood

  • go for a Vegan Junk Food Bar

And if you are somewhere in between

  • go for Vegabond

Or all of them ;).


Here you have my ESSENCE VLOG with all those tips in motion :).

And tell me for sure in comments down bellow your experience with vegan food in Amsterdam!